Wellness & Resilience

Pediatric Residency Training Program

As pediatricians we spend a significant amount of time counseling patients and parents how to live healthier lives. Becoming a pediatrician means grappling with difficult issues with children and their families and our program is committed to our residents' personal and professional wellness during your development as pediatricians. Resources include immediate access to mental health and medical appointments, a gym on-site, protected daytime off during call months, and program-sponsored retreats, conferences, and reflection sessions with your colleagues. Our goal is cultivating an environment for longevity and personal and professional satisfaction in your life as a pediatrician.  Explore some of the initiatives and events which we currently offer within our program.

Residents working out

Free Time for Wellness (FTW)

On select call months, residents have one protected afternoon for wellness.  The FTW afternoon is protected time for people to recover, decompress, and get well.  This may include running errands, going to an appointment, taking a nap, making a meal, seeing the sun (or snow), or anything else the resident needs.

Residents eating lunch together

Bring Yourself to Work

A morning lecture series that highlights interests, hobbies, and passions of our residents, fellows, attendings, nurses, and other Comer staff.  Founded at UCM in 2018, our former Pediatric Chief Resident, Dr. Reem Itani wanted to inspire and encourage residents to continue pursuits beyond medicine and feel supported to share them with their colleagues.  This series has been met with rave reviews and allowed everyone to get to know one another on a deeper, more personal level.