Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship

Program Overview

Our faculty have expertise in a wide variety of gastrointestinal problems including Inflammatory Bowel diseases, Celiac disease, and Nutritional problems including Short Gut Syndrome.  In addition, the program has an active Pediatric Liver Transplant Program.

Clinical Training:

Clinical training is spread out over the three years, and fellows receive progressively increasing responsibility over the course of the fellowship.

The first year of fellowship is largely clinical with about eight months of service on the inpatient Pediatric Gastroenterology Service, Transplantation Service, and Outpatient Clinics.  Required additional rotations include the Inpatient Nutrition Service, one month of Adult Endoscopy Service, and an elective on the Pathology Service to familiarize fellows with gastrointestinal and liver pathology.

The second year of fellowship is focused on research training.  The fellow has approximately 70% - 80% protected time over this year.  Fellows can choose from among a mulititude of outstanding laboratories or research units at the University of Chicago within the Section, within the Department, or outside the Department, as long as the arrangement is acceptable to the head of the laboratory or research unit and Pedaitric Faculty members.  Fellows will be encouraged and assisted in writing of grant applications during this year.  Throughout this year fellows continue to maintain clinical responsibilities with one half-day of continuity clinic and a half-day to perform procedures.

The third year is focused on a continuation of research training (80%) with similar clinical responsibilities.  It is expected that the fellow will complete a Scholarly Work Product this year and present their research findings at national meetings.

Throughout all years of fellowship, the fellows are encouraged to follow their own patients starting from diagnosis and continuing follow-up care in the outpatient clinic.  Additionally, fellows attend and participate in weekly journal club and case management conferences, and monthly Radiology and Pathology conferences within the section.  A number of conferences outside of the section are encouraged including collaborative research, case management, pathology, and IBD conferences with the Adult Gastroenterology section.  The Department of Pediatrics conducts numerous other conferences including Pediatric Grand Rounds, Pediatric Chief of Service Rounds, Pediatric Morbidity and Mortality Conference, Core Lecture Series and Morning Report, which all fellows are encouraged to attend.