B. Louise Giles, MD checks patient Daniel McCloud's ear


Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship

Welcome to the University of Chicago Fellowship in Pediatric Pulmonology.  Open to graduates of pediatric residency training programs, we offer a 3-year training program accredited by the ACGME.  Our aim is to train outstanding Pediatric Pulmonologists in both the clinical and research arenas.

Brenda Louise Giles, MD

B. Louise Giles, MD - Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Program Director, Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship

Program AIMS

  1. To train experts in pediatric pulmonary medicine who will serve as leaders in the field and ambassadors for excellence in the care of children
  2. To promote lifelong learning and the scholarly pursuit of knowledge
  3. To build advocacy skills and to address healthcare disparities in under-served patient populations